Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kale in March!

It is incredible to live in a place where kale grows year-round, especially if you grew up in the high Sierra Nevada desert, like I did. My mom (in Reno) is still waiting for 12" of snow to melt; I'm gathering kale from our yard. And three types of kale, no less.

I should say that I'm still gathering kale from the yard, since it never died. One of our kale plants, the curly leaf kale in the back yard, is two years old. In the front yard, we have two Italian Laciano kale plants and three Red Russian kale plants, all of which are one year old. It is wonderful to have veggies that survive winters and keep going.

There are few feelings better than harvesting even a small portion of your sustenance from the earth around you.

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  1. Thanks for news from the 1921 DX bungalow. When you write on this blog, it's updates the link on my blog. :)) It's been awhile... Nice kale! I love it steamed with a little butter.