Thursday, July 2, 2009

Can she make a cherry pie?

You bet! Here's a pic of the cherry pie I made last night... some of the cherries were from the tree in our back yard. (We recently discovered that the cherries are not merely ornamental! What an exciting day that was.) The pie has a store-bought bottom crust and a home-made lattice top. There are amalynciar (spelling? Billy would know...) berries in the holes in top. Billy told me that the pioneers in these here parts used to eat those berries all the time.


  1. Very delicious-looking! Are you putting some ice-cream with it? Does Billy remember picking cherries in Michigan with me every year? As I recall, Philip was more into cherry-picking.

    ~Mama Linda

  2. I liked picking blueberries more, but I remember going with you. Philip went to.
    hmmm pie, we should send you a piece in the mail