Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What's In A Mantel?

What with the cold, wet weather (Silly March, don't you know everything's just waiting to blossom?!) I've been spending a lot of time inside, padding around the house, taking care of plants and kitties and one special man. The fireplace mantle is a natural focal point for such wanderings. I wonder what our mantel says about us?

Look for:
--2 watercolors by Billy
--The philodendron that never stops giving. A friend gave this luscious plant to me when she left the states for good-- now she lives in London, directs a theater, and is about to get married in Italy. She got the posh and I got the plant.
--A cactus from Colorado with a new arm sprouting!
--A picture of Snapper looking like a gray lion.
--Billy's Heart Shaped Box.
--Valentine's Day Cards
--A book containing President Barack Obama's inauguration, Lincoln's speeches, and more.
--Billy's New Paintings!