Sunday, December 14, 2008

Painting the Man Cave

Welcome to Weeping Cherry House, our home improvement blog. We're Colleen and Billy, your hosts. Our house in Portland's Foster-Powell neighborhood is small. So is our budget. Yet we're h-e-double hocky sticks bent on creating a warm, welcoming little nest for ourselves and our adorable princess Nebelung cat, Sylvia Snapper. (By the way, Snapper, you owe some serious back rent.)

Our improvements to the house thus far are as follows:

(1) Painting Away the Nightmare. We fixed the horrible, spasm-inducing sponge paint job around the fireplace. We did not photograph a before pic of this, since it was making Snapper freak out, and we didn't want to share the Clockwork Orange-esque horror. Imagine merlot vomit. Sponge it on a wall. That's what this monstrosity looked like.

(2) Painting a New Dream. When we moved in, the walls were boooring. In fact, turns out that whomever flipped this house used machine paint for the trim. Bleck. We've begun painting in in the kitchen (butter yellow and spring green with cream accents), living room (classy cream and mahogony brown, craftsman style), and bedroom (light blue and machine cream).

(3) Tricking out the Man Cave. Billy, the man of the Weeping Cherry House applies his artistic sense to every project in his path-- including the painting of the Man Cave. Check it:

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