Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kale in March!

It is incredible to live in a place where kale grows year-round, especially if you grew up in the high Sierra Nevada desert, like I did. My mom (in Reno) is still waiting for 12" of snow to melt; I'm gathering kale from our yard. And three types of kale, no less.

I should say that I'm still gathering kale from the yard, since it never died. One of our kale plants, the curly leaf kale in the back yard, is two years old. In the front yard, we have two Italian Laciano kale plants and three Red Russian kale plants, all of which are one year old. It is wonderful to have veggies that survive winters and keep going.

There are few feelings better than harvesting even a small portion of your sustenance from the earth around you.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Psychiatrists and neurologists like tell us that if we can end fill our days with gratitude, we will find more and more to be grateful for. These days, I have plenty to be grateful for. Each morning brings around 20 blueberries and marrionberries for my picking pleasure. Birds are singing, and the kale is high. After baking a cherry pie earlier this week, I spent much of today gardening, enjoying the sunshine. I love working outside, especially when Billy is around too. Being creative with someone you love is magical, especially in a backyard like ours.

This video is from last night, and shows how Billy has moved at least a part of his art studio up from the basement and into the patio-garden area. This painting has already progressed quite a bit since this clip-- now, stripes of blue tape cover up what he wants to keep, and the major elements of the painting--I see a face, a fence, and a bird--are coming forward. I love living with an artist.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Can she make a cherry pie?

You bet! Here's a pic of the cherry pie I made last night... some of the cherries were from the tree in our back yard. (We recently discovered that the cherries are not merely ornamental! What an exciting day that was.) The pie has a store-bought bottom crust and a home-made lattice top. There are amalynciar (spelling? Billy would know...) berries in the holes in top. Billy told me that the pioneers in these here parts used to eat those berries all the time.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

What's In A Mantel?

What with the cold, wet weather (Silly March, don't you know everything's just waiting to blossom?!) I've been spending a lot of time inside, padding around the house, taking care of plants and kitties and one special man. The fireplace mantle is a natural focal point for such wanderings. I wonder what our mantel says about us?

Look for:
--2 watercolors by Billy
--The philodendron that never stops giving. A friend gave this luscious plant to me when she left the states for good-- now she lives in London, directs a theater, and is about to get married in Italy. She got the posh and I got the plant.
--A cactus from Colorado with a new arm sprouting!
--A picture of Snapper looking like a gray lion.
--Billy's Heart Shaped Box.
--Valentine's Day Cards
--A book containing President Barack Obama's inauguration, Lincoln's speeches, and more.
--Billy's New Paintings!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Cat views The Art

I played in the garden in the intermittent sun today. Snapper seemed to like the Garden Sculptures I made.

To see pictures of The Art, visit, the neighborhood blog, or the Flickr page.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Growth & New Perspectives

Yesterday Billy and I spent some time in the miraculous (for February!) sunshine. I began pruning the roses, and he turned some more lawn into gardening space. As I cleared away the sticks and leaves from the rose beds, I discovered delightful shoots reaching for the light. The new header is a sample of this new spring growth.

Snapper lead us on another adventure when she climbed into the house under construction across the way. I looked up from my work and saw her on the second story overhang's roof! She then climbed into the front window and refused to descend until we came and got her. (I think she hid her fear until Billy rescued her because she recognized what an artistic view she created-- an elegant gray Nebelung in a half-built house.) Of course, I brought the camera. Here's Billy in front of his house.

Friday, February 6, 2009

The New Neighbors

The previous owners across the street from us subdivided their lot before selling. The people who bought what used to be a backyard are now putting up a three story house. Check it.